Paleomagnetic constraints on Central and Eastern Anatolian rotations and a revised age for collision

Hot off the press – two papers on Eastern Anatolian geology! One constrains vertical-axis block rotations, the other kinematically restores the tectonic blocks of Central and Eastern Anatolia and concludes that subduction continued much longer than previously assumed.

Access the papers here:

Gürer et al., 2018

Gürer and van Hinsbergen, 2018

EPSL paper on the oldest extensional region in the Mediterranean and its implications for Eastern Mediterranean slab segmentation

The study of the kinematics of the Late Cretaceous to Early Eocene sediments of the Ulukışla Basin in Central southern Turkey has identified a major extensional structure that has in part exhumed high-pressure metamorphic rocks: the Ivriz Detachment. Check it out here!

Documenting one of the surface expressions of large scale extension that affected the central and southern Anatolian region – the Ivriz Detachment

EPSL paper on the Talysh of Iran with implications for the Greater Caucasus region

A new study in which I was involved in is online! Kinematically restoring the Pontides of Turkey and Talysh of Iran based on paleomagnetic data  Download it here!

Satellite image of the Caucasus, from NASA’s Visible Earth, NASA/MODIS – Jacques Descloitres, MODIS Land Rapid Response Team – Public domain